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I am Mom to one sweet little boy, Oliver, and married to my best friend, Andy. We enjoy life in our lake house in Northwestern Minnesota. I love traveling, creating, organizing, music, and laughing. Oh, and coffee let's not forget the coffee. 

I have over 18 years of experience working with sales, customer service, and social media, a degree in Architectural Drafting and Estimating, a career diploma in Interior Design, and a passion for helping others who have been knocked down stand up in their power. I believe we are all worthy and capable of greatness. 

I'm Audrey.


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Audrey is detailed and very knowledgeable in a lot of different areas!
She also does a great job at planning and keeping everything organized! I have really enjoyed working with Audrey! 

Janene King, Empower Her Co.

I reached out to Audrey because I needed help with my business. I didn’t have much of a vision, but with the limited ideas that I gave her, she ran with them and created something above and beyond. She was professional, quick and efficient. I’m so glad I chose Audrey and would recommend her to everyone. 

Callan Smith, Influencer

Audrey has made it so easy to step into a new role of a solo entrepreneur who is supported deeply in the back-end of my business. Audrey answers every little question promptly, is wonderful with the (many) tasks I have assigned, quick to tweak anything to my desire, and is truly helping me loosen the reins on many things that are integral to my business! 

Meghan Rose, Meghan of The Rose

Audrey is very honest, hard working, and trustworthy. She is very good at finding more efficient ways to accomplish any task. These efficiency ideas always work.
Audrey's leadership in setting goals and helping meet them has help lead our store to the top in the company within 6 months.

Rachel Roets, Midwest Vision Centers

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